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About Michelle Nicole:


Michelle Nicole was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She began writing poetry at the age of 15. Her writing style developed into short stories as a young adult. With five books self-published, she plans to continue her independent writing career for as long as God gives her the strength.

Not only is she a writer, she is also the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization which focuses on healing and positive engagement for youth that are affected by domestic violence.  Within this organizational umbrella, services provided span from community outreach, youth workshops that cover topics such as teen dating violence, bullying and suicide prevention, and camps that focus on music  and literacy development. Michelle is also an independent business owner and she shares her love of progression and financial advancement with individuals, businesses and community organizations through one one one communication or in group settings. If you would like to learn more about this business and how she could be of assistance to your organization, visit the *Fundraising* page.  

In 2015 Michelle Nicole branched out into the Indie film industry and released a short film on topics that are most pressing to communities in crisis. To learn more about the film visit the *Can You Hear Me Now* page.

With all these passionate endeavors on her plate, she still finds time to add fun to her days by being a Blog Contributing Writer for Emerge the Magazine where she shares great articles about her personal experiences and offers suggestions on restaurants suited for working professionals.  

The Mission of the Magazine:

To promote, expose, educate, and empower business owners and entrepreneurs. Emerge the Magazine is a business resource for business owners, executives, managers, trade association members and more. Our readers are interested in local to national companies, organizations and services to help them in building strong business for themselves. Emerge the Magazine is business industry focused. We are a resource for all stages of businesses; start-up business owners to CEOs. We provide solutions and advice through our articles on how to prepare a business, start a business, grow your business, and be a leader.

Words from the Artist:
If I had to choose three words to describe myself it would be:

1. Motivator
2. Creative
3. Advocate for positive change

Let the works that I have done speak for me. I am not living to sign autographs, have a huge fan base or be rich from worldly goods.  I'm here to make an impact. Change a life for the better. Embrace my test and not be afraid to let it be my testimony. In the end, I need to know that I have done EVERYTHING God has put me here to do, leaving no stone uncovered.

My goal is to make it to the gates of Heaven and hear "well done, my good and faithful servant". There is NO THING this world can give me at this point in my life. I have HAD, and I have LOST, and now it’s time to LIVE, with God taking the lead.

My inspiration comes from knowing that what I write is either something I have been through personally or it can be a raw emotion that someone else may have felt in their lifetime.  My purpose is not to just entertain you. I want your spirit to be moved in a way that causes you to react and know that whatever you may be feeling, someone else is too. Whatever you're going through, someone has been through it, and they have lived to tell their story.  No matter what may come your way, always continue to be prayerful, productive, and positive.

"Keep God first in everything you do and everything you do will surely be blessed"!

My purpose is my mission and my mission is my ministry.

xoxo~ Michelle Nicole


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