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 National Domestic Violence Awareness.....

Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually. (

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Another restless night falls upon little Tysema. She stares at the ceiling thinking to herself, why can’t they get it together? She placed the pillow over her head to drown out the fight.
"This has been going on for too long. One day they are going to kill each other.
God! Please help me! I can’t take this anymore…."

Screen Play based on the short story A Child's Prayer written by Michelle Nicole

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Nancy T.

Thanks Michelle for sharing the video! This video shows the actual facts about how domestic violence effects children. I think more awareness would help to bring attention to domestic violence as many do not recognize the signs and how these signs can lead to serious actions. (HERMITAGE, TN)


Ms. P

Michelle, this topic is on that need to be addressed. Your film caught the true essence of what a child goes through when growing up in a home of violence. You focused on drinking, but we all know that there are many things kids do to cope. All in all it was REAL, it was TRUTH and it is much needed. (Newport News, Virginia)

Tracy W.

Thanks for sharing this video, Michelle. Anything that shines a light on this subject is so important. (Pasadena, California)


It was cool to see scenes from the book brought to life. (Allentown, PA)

Allen H

You did an amazing job! I am so proud of you. I Love You, Stay Focused!- (Newport News, VA)

Mr. Lewis  

I have heard people talk about things that they are doing, but you are really doing it. This film was really good, and so relevant. We need to partner on a project. (Hampton, VA)


I received the link to your video from a friend. Very good. Great information and this is a very important topic. Thank you for allowing us to share your life experience. (Hollywood, FL)


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Now accepting bios and head shots for cast members for the October 2016 release of:

 "Can you Hear Me Now" Part II
Domestic Violence Awareness Project in the LGBT Community

Send submissions to Closing date June, 30th 11:59pm.

 "Welcome to the life of Christmas Hodges and Caster Reid. A same sex couple that undoubtedly goes on and on about the same ole same ole.... When will the battle end and who will be the last man/woman standing!?

PLEASE NOTE- you MAY be required to travel to Atlanta GA and or Durham NC during the course of filming.

Written and produced by Michelle Nicole


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