The Drama Unfolds

Them Sleeping Deacons have nothing on the Preying Preachers! When falling in love with Jesus leads a young woman to be taken advantage of by his blessed one, things get ugly. So ugly, that looks actually kill! Deceit so twisted, even a spider can't weave a web big enough to hide the lies.

Chapter one 

At exactly 12 noon on Saturday Afternoon a gentle knock was barely heard on the door. “Housekeeping,” the small voice let out. One knock then two knocks, “housekeeping,” the voice said again. Dana was laying on her stomach, deep in sleep, and she slowly turned over, looked at the ceiling and tried to gain her consciousness. The last time a knock at the door, “housekeeping, do you need service?” Dana looked to her right and there laid the Pastor, cuddled up like a new born baby, stuck to his mother. In total shock, Dana slowly slid toward the left side of the bed. The pastor, feeling her move, readjusted himself and turned toward the window, never breaking his sleep. Dana quietly crept to the door, she opened it slightly and whispered, “please come back in 30 minutes, thank you.” The tiny statured, Hispanic housekeeper agreed. After closing the door, Dana fell to the floor hand in face, crying like a three year old child that had just lost their favorite blanket. She looked up and whispered, “Dear God, what have I done? Why is this man here with me? Did I- Could I have- Oh My God!” After her guilt trip and deep sorrowful prayer of forgiveness to Jesus, God, the Father and everyone else she could think of, she quickly got up, put her clothes on, and snuck out of the hotel room. 
Dana desperately wanted to remember what happened that Friday evening, but her mind drew a complete blank. As she hailed a taxi outside of the 5 star establishment, she searched her bag for her cell phone. In a panic, checking every pocket and crevice of her white, Michael Kors, Bridget Large Shoulder Tote Bag with no phone in sight, she patted down her Classic Fit Monica Skinny Straight Leg Jeans by Lee and found it in the back pocket. Dana let out a huge sigh of relief, because going back upstairs was not an option for her. Even if her phone was her lifeline. She got in the cab, checked her call history, and there it was, a call from the pastor at 5:54 pm Friday afternoon. According to her call log, she did not answer the phone. But yet, she ended up next to this man the morning after. Dana then went to her text message history. Shocked by what she saw, she began to put the pieces together. She read every message trying to figure out where she had lost her way. 
“What’s up” 
 “What are you doing” 
“Watching television” 
“I see… Why don’t you come out” 
“Yes, Hang out” 
“lol- I do not hang out” 
“Ok, I see. So what are you doing tonight?” 
“I just said I was watching television, why do you ask?” 
“Do you want to watch movies with me?”
 “umm, no thank you” 
 “Why not, I thought we were friends” 
“Well, I have told you over and over that I am not your friend, and you are a married man, you should be watching movies with your wife!” 
“See, there you go- that was the wrong answer” 
“The truth hurts, I know, but the truth will set you free” 
“Anyway, stop being a party pooper. You scared of me?” 
“Sir! The only person I am scared of is Jesus, and you should be too.” 
This conversation went on for about ten minutes. No matter what Dana said, the pastor had a rebuttal. He was not going to quit until he had her where he wanted her. Clearly she could not hold out because she was there, guilty as charged, waking up next to a married man, the man of the cloth, the pastor. She was without a doubt caught between a rock and a hard place and she had no idea how to fix this situation. At this point, the lies begin to form, the uncomfortable moments in church were evident, and she was caught in a web of deceit.

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