A Child's Prayer

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Wonderfully Written!!! I have a personal copy of this book and the author really touch on  powerful subject. Great Piece!  

Very, very nice Michelle and i wish you the very best that life can offer you. You are an amazing young lady. God Bless you always. ~♥♥♥~
10:34pm Sep 18

This books seems very personal, it is great that you were willing to share it.

My mom read your book yesterday. She really enjoyed it. It usually takes her
a while to finish a book, so she must have liked it

I read the book in one day, I really like it. I also like the cover alot

I would love for you to come and speak to our womens ministry!

The community needs to open their eyes and realize this is a serious issue. Too many people are covering it up and yes, our children are left to bear the burden.

This book is quickly becoming the talk in my house. I'm trying to read it, but somehow it keeps getting snatched away from me. From my mom to my children, cousins and all. 

I read your book. It was really good. i can see picking it up again....

I finished the book in one sitting, I read it before my mom did!

I read the book..  I love it, It is so true..  I gave it to my teenage son for him to read it too.

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This book is very good! I enjoyed it...

I finished this book in one sitting, page by page it got better and better....

This a deep story, a lot of great information inside those pages...  Thanks!

I had to keep reading this book over and over again. It is a great book!

I had to put this book down because I started crying...  Great book!

I love the cover, it makes me want to read more. Good job!

This is a must have book. you will truly be blessed by the words inside...  everyone should have a copy of this book.

It is a great thing, you donating the money to a Domestic Violence Organization. you will truly be blessed!

I read the book in less than an hour, I had to keep turning the pages!

This book will help so many people, there are thousands of people living this life. Great Job!

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