A Child’s Prayer – Michelle Nicole


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Chapter One

Boom, Boom, A knock at the door wakes little Tysema out of her sleep. “Stop! What the hell is wrong with you”, a shout comes from the other room. Once again Mr. and Mrs. Howard are going at it. Tysema has heard this sound so many times before that it has become second nature to her. Why can’t they see that they are going to kill each other if they keep this up? Tysema always thought that to herself. Why should a child have to hear such things early in the morning? “You are crazy, what are you trying to do”? Tysemas’ mom yells at her dad. I told you before not to go through my things. You think I’m playing with you.


Tysema had a strange home life. Most of her time was spent breaking up her parents fights. They spent more time fighting than anything else. Tysemas mother had a great job and her father was a stay at home dad. I guess that contributed to some of his insecurities. Tysemas mom could not breathe hard without him asking what was going on. He would spend his days yelling and screaming at little Tysema and his nights beating on her mother. Now this was the same man who took vows and promised to love, honor, respect and cherish till death due them part. I guess he misunderstood the vows he took that day, because he has done nothing but Hate, beat, disrespect and manipulate them from the start. 


Mr. Howard was a very attractive man. He was tall, dark and handsome. He served in the war and was sent home injured so that contributed to a lot of his anger issues. Mrs. Howard was always at work so that she could provide the type of life for her daughter that she didn’t have. They lived in an upper class neighborhood, where the police would show up in 60 seconds flat. Mrs. Howard drove a simple but well kept Toyota Camry. She believed as long as it got her from point A to point B she would be fine. Her prized possession was her home. She felt good about the accomplishment she had made. Being able to move her family from the slums of Brooklyn NY to the siren area of Pennsylvania meant the world to her. All the extra hours she had to put in seemed to have paid off.  Unfortunately Mrs. Howard was so busy at work that she neglected her baby girl. She left Tysema to fin for herself during the day and had no idea the hell her daughter was going through. Mr. Howard was a real pain in the ass. He would yell at Tysema just because she sneezed in his direction. If she didn’t vacuum, wash the dishes or make him a sandwich for lunch then she was as good as beaten. He never beat her to the extent of leaving marks but what they didn’t know was the bruises that were left, were beneath the surface. Little Tysema began to hold more and more anger inside for her father. She would go to bed praying that when she woke up she would hear her mother crying. Not crying because he was hitting her, but crying because her father would be dead. At the age of 8 Tysema wanted nothing more than her father to drop dead. Go out to a club and get shot. Get in his car and crash into a brick building. Better yet get hit by an 18 wheeler tractor trailer truck carrying gasoline as she threw a match at the road as he was crossing the street. Yes the hate for this man was growing everyday. The more time she had to spend with her father, the more she wanted to come up with clever ways to kill him in his sleep without being a prime suspect. As soon as she realized that things would only get worse, she decided to go with the flow. Whatever happened happens. From this day on things would never be the same for little Miss Tysema.


No matter how much she prayed, she felt like God was just not listening. She thought that maybe she needed to take matters into her own precious little hands.  If God couldn’t make things right, then maybe she could.


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