Alone but Never Lonely

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Chapter One

The Beginning

“Hey there, how are you doing”? A tall sexy chocolate brother said to Sheila as she sat at the counter in a restaurant waiting for her drink to arrive. “I’m fine”, she replies. “You sure are,” he says. Sheila thinks to herself, I am not in the fucking mood for this dumb shit today. I have a ton of things to do and believe me a man was not on my list of things to do today. “How can I help you?” Sheila says to the handsome stranger in a sarcastic voice. “I was just wondering if you would like to have a drink with me”. “I was just admiring you from over there and I noticed that you have been sitting here alone for a while”. “Very observant of you!”, she snapped. “Are you waiting for someone”? He replied innocently. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business”. Venom oozing. “Oh damn baby I guess you’re bitter because your man stood you up huh”. Sheila put her drink down, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “first of all I hope no one pays you for thinking”, “for your information I am not waiting for anyone and I would appreciate it if you took your tall lanky ass back to your corner and let me finish my drink in peace”. “Damn Miss Lady, you really don’t have to be so mean and nasty, I'm trying to be friendly”. “Oh excuse me, sir, I’m sorry I’m not responding the way you thought I would, but when I need friends I’ll put a full page ad out in the Star Ledger letting the world know that a position is available”. “Until then I’m content with being by myself, Thank You!” Laughing he says “wow you are spicy”. She replied,  “Well, now that we have established that I think it’s time for you to go”. “Have a nice day”, Sheila says with a blank look on her face. As the strange man walked away Sheila took in the sights. His body was gorgeous and his face wasn’t too bad either. Sheila thought to herself damn he’s fine, but this is not the right time for me to be getting involved with anyone. I’m working all the time, and when I’m home I’m chilling with my children. I don’t have time for anyone or anything else right now. When the right one comes along I will know it. Yeah right, as she continues to run the conversation through her mind. Am I trying to convince myself of that bullshit statement?

Sheila was on her way to the office when Mr. Man appeared out front. Their eyes met and Sheila knew being snotty was not going to cut it this time. He said hello, and believe it or not Sheila responded with a smile on her face and said,” hi you!” He stuck his hand out for a friendly handshake and said,” My name is Brian”, she extended her hand and said, “I’m Sheila”. Damn this man is persistent I’m thinking to myself, but I like it. A man who knows what he wants, works for me. It’s like they never met hours before when she talked to him like he was a total loser, player who was batting at a ball that he could never hit. “Nice to meet you Sheila!" “Same here Brian”.” Hey do you think we can go out sometime, you know maybe catch a movie or get a bite to eat or something”. Sheila with her smart mouth replies with, “Sure maybe we can go bowling and get a drink or two”. They laugh as he walks her to her car. Sheila gets in her truck and heads home. On the way home she realized that for some strange reason she did not take Brian’s number and she did not give him hers. She felt if they were meant to be they would run into each other again. Be it sooner or later. She really wanted it to be sooner though.

6 months go by and Sheila and Brian never seemed to cross paths again. Maybe he was just visiting the area when they met anyway. I have been so busy with the business and home that I haven’t had time to go anywhere. It’s a shame that we were never in the same place at the same time. Maybe he’s married and forgot all about me. One will never know. Sheila was on her way to the mall when she saw this guy standing by the traffic light on Muhammad Ali Avenue. She did a double take to see if it was Brian and to her surprise it was him. She honked her horn but she didn’t stop. If he wants me he’ll follow me. Shit I’m too cool to pull over for some man. Simple Brian stood on the corner dazed and confused. Wondering if Sheila was  going to pull over, but when she didn’t he assumed it wasn’t her. After Sheila saw how silly Brian looked standing at the corner like that she realized he was not the man for her. If he was that dumb to stand there for five minutes wondering what I was going to do, then I’m glad we didn’t hook up. He probably couldn’t find the whole in the middle of a donut if you gave him a flashlight.




"I finished reading your book. it was awesome and had me hooked. Great book Michelle Nicole".

"This was a good read"

Author Michelle Nicole takes us on a journey of a scorn woman, left with an array of emotional scars from her husband who can't seem to commit to her. Scorn and left with feelings of loneliness arms of a woman will she find a way of escape or is she in for more then hope for a good read 3 1/2 stars . - Ellen Ann Smith Sudderth

"This is a good book, Makes a lot of sense. I like it!"

"I just recently read your book(alone but never lonely) when are you going to write the second part.I want to know what the note said from her ex.


"I got your book from the dj at the Alley night club. dont know if you remember.You came to the table to sign it for me. I'm a big reader of many diffent kinds of books. I read yours in about seven hours great book. just left me hanging, which is a good thing cant wait to read the next one(never lonely but still alone)LOL think about it".

"Me and my man were taking turns reading it, so far so good" !

"I can't wait for part II"

" I love how you wrote the book using different aspects of the 1st to 3rd person"

"It's written in my language" Thanks!

" Now I know what women are thinking"

..."just when I thought everything was all good, She still remembers the time i messed up huh"!

"I hope theres a part 2 coming soon, I need to know what happened with Sheila and Jamal"

"This is a good book, I enjoyed it"

"What happen to Sheila and Jamal? I need to know"!

"Are you writing A Follow up Story on those two"?

 when can I expect the sequel to Alone But Never Lonely? because the book was`HOTTT!

This book had me in tears, great story line

I read it in one day, I could'nt put it down

Is this based on your life? Inquiring minds want to know

Girl, this book is something else, Sheila is a bad B%$^%!  Founder of DIVA

I thought I was going to get a chance to read it, but it was snatched out of my hands and I have not gotten it back yet! Must be good...





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