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Mastering Life's Adventures: on the Beam - Judith C. Holder, Ph. D

Mastering Life’s Adventures: On the Beam focuses on practical spiritual life skills that can be applied to daily living. Just as you can learn skills to increase your grace in speaking, displaying etiquette at the table, communicating effectively with others, and interacting in social gatherings, you can learn spiritual skills that will help you evolve along your life path to live a meaningful, purposeful life. It does not matter whether or not you attend a denominational or non-denominational church or consider yourself independently spiritual; this book is written for people searching for practical steps to living a spiritual centered life. It focuses on the essential keys, principles and spiritual skills necessary to do so.




The Day I Lost My Mind- Krishna T.A. Ruffin

Have you ever gone through something so difficult and painful that it felt as though you were losing your mind? Maybe you are experiencing a situation currently and it feels as though you will never be able to make it through. Let this book guide and encourage you through your process. It is just a process.




Her Mysterious Love Affair - Lorenetta Tucker

Find yourself drawn into the pages of the 1st debut romance novel from Lorenetta Tucker. Her inspiring book is about the connection between a woman and a minister, as they explore a love that transcends the physical realm.

website www.lorenetta.com


Love Locked Down - R. Satiafa



Rekaya Gibson, Author and Hampton Food Examiner
Mama Don't Like UglyProduct DetailsProduct Details

We Are Woman - Doreen Washington


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