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Alone but Never Lonely - Paper back

Sometimes you can’t help who you Love!

Alone but Never Lonely Is an urban based written story that walks you through the life of a women who has been through so many relationships she almost feels she should give up on finding true love. She went through an abusive marriage, a same sex relationship, and God knows what else just to find happiness. In the end, she realizes that if she would stop searching, her soul mate would appear when she least expects it.

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A Child's Prayer- Amazon Kindle and Apple iTunes 

A short story about a child growing up in a home filled with violence, alcohol abuse, and disrespect! How much can a person take before they get to the point of no return? This story takes you on a journey of a young child filled with anger and hurt, no where to go, no one to turn to and in the end, ready to give up her life to make the pain go away.   

What will the outcome be? place your order today to find out.....

Proceeds to benefit programs helping youth and families in the communtiy!

Buy a copy today and help save a life tomorrow.

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