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Welcome to 2019!!! Its time to turn up the heat. ARE YOU READY!?  Check out what the next 5 years will look like. 


from Michelle Nicole ~ThePeoplezWriter 

2019 - 2023

"THE STING 2"     

The calculating tricks of a jealous woman can lead to deadly actions. After a decade apart, lies and deception have Stacey wanting to get even. No matter how much she replays the past, there is something about this man that she cannot let go of. Has this time apart changed her or will she still be haunted by the same devil she ran so far away from all those years ago? Stacey is running side by side with the devil that has engulfed her with evil thoughts. At this point, only God can save her. But, will she let him!

She had them all fooled. Her friends, her family, and most of all her beloved students.  Torn between the past and the future, how will she play this game and think she will never get caught?


A same sex couple faced with issues that most would say is a 'heterosexual thing' not knowing that Domestic Violence comes in all shapes, colors and forms. Violence has no respect of person and this holds true for Christmas Hodges and Cater Reid. The fights get more intense and their love seems to fade away in the distance. The outcome of this disastrous union could prove fatal. 

No matter how many times you LOVE, Lust tends to sneak in and takes control when we least expect it. Lies are the only way to get through it. Will she continue to lie, or will she find solace and be set free to Love after those lustful lies...
A journey of a group of people trying to live life without spiritual guidance. Day after day, something happens that will force them to believe that there is a higher power out there. They will eventually believe, whether they want to or not! After all, the very life they value so much will depend on it. 


from Michelle Nicole




Alone but Never Lonely is an urban based written story that walks you through the life of a women who has been through so many relationships, that she almost feels she should give up on finding true love. She went through an abusive Marriage, A Same Sex Relationship, and God knows what else just to find happiness. In the end she realizes that if she would stop searching, her soul mate will appear when she least expects.

Sometimes you just can’t help you Fall In Love With!



You may not pay attention to your child when they act out, are withdrawn or just plain "not in the mood", but this story will help you figure it all out. A child can not express their feelings the way we think they should. When they sit day after day and night after night listening to their parents fight; it has a lasting effect on them.  This story will open the eyes and ears to those who feel they can not walk away.  Ladies please know your worth and walk away. Your child has no more tears to cry, all they can do now is pray.   

"THE STING"- Short Story * Summer 2014* 

She seduced him. She wrapped her dainty little hands around his neck like a noose. She had him spun in her web long enough to get him to do anything she said. He had no idea love would hurt so much.

Question: How long will you hold on to the thought of revenge? 
Answer: For as long as it takes!


"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW"  Short Film*2015*

A child caught in the middle of two feuding parents, cant seem to catch a break, no matter how much she prayers. "hat do you do when you have done all you can do?  She can't hold it in anymore. She has to tell someone. Who will listen to her? Who can she turn to that will not judge her for the things she thinks, the way she feels, the thoughts she has of wanting to hurt people?  Follow the journey of Tysema as she makes a decision no child should be faced with?


 "A Child's Prayer 2 - Daddy's love is  a secret  *2017*

A children's books which touches on a topic that most would rather turn a blind eye too.  The boxing gloves are off. Our children are hurting inside and they NEED help. They NEED support. They NEED a Mrs. Ella to reach out to! 


A same sex couple faced with issues that most would say is a "heterosexual issue." Domestic Violence comes in all shapes, colors and forms. Violence has no respect of person and this holds true for Christmas Hodges and Caster Reid. The fights get more intense and their love seems to fade away in the distance. What will be outcome of this disastrous union?


Inquiring minds want to know what happens to the people of the cloth, when they play in the streets, wondering why the flock has gone astray, simply put, because the Preachers of the cloth cant practice what they say!?


A single father, living the good life, will be faced  with something so unimaginable, only death can save them. If anyone gets caught, no one speaks. The only option is death by suicide.


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