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Drop the weight naturally with these plant based products sure to get results! 

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Individual Results May Vary! Are you ready to put in the work to get the results you want!? 


Some call it Keto Coffee, some call it happiness in a cup ☕️ Creamy, metabolism boosting and delicious 🌱 

Your skin is 90% of your selfie, take care of it ✨📱  

Skin first, makeup second because  good skincare is like a workout for your skin 🌱  

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What Can You Expect? As your guest arrive they will go straight to the Wrap Station to purchase their wrap. They can choose what area they want to wrap (any area from the neck down: Tummy, Arms, Legs, Back etc.) We will set up wrap stations in different rooms, allowing your guest comfort and privacy. Once everyone who want to be wrapped is, you all will get a chance to hear about our amazing products, sample other products and see some amazing results of those who have wrapped. When people see products they want to purchase, they will have a chance to order at this time. Parties typically last 2 hours. 

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