Christmas time is here again. Some people may be spending it with family, friends, co-workers or alone. No matter how you choose to spend this holiday, make sure it will be spent surrounded by "drama free" people! After all there is no better GIFT than "peace". 

Which brings me to my topic of discussion for today. Dating during this time of year can be extremely difficult. Especially if you find yourself in a relationship with someone that you love or deeply care about, but your relationship with their family is anything but blissful. I'm sure this is in no way directed toward you! But, consider this for a moment will you? Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and no matter what you do, you just never seem to measure up to the families expectation? How about this one- you are in a committed relationship with someone who has children and you guys bump heads more often than not. With all these negative triggers floating around, do you attend the family function as a loving, supportive partner? Or, do you value your sanity and peace of mind enough to run for the hills, just for that moment in time? 

What if your partner is the issue and your family does not care for them? Do you ask them to stay home? Do you ask them to put on a pretty face and just go through the motions? Or, do you decide to do something with him or her alone and let your family know you will not attend the festivities this year? 

I know! It's a tough call to make isn't it!? The good news is as long as you effectively communicate your concerns to whomever you need to address them with, no matter what decision you make, your holiday season should end up being one with great memories for you. So, go on and choose. Talk it out and operate out of a spirit of unconditional LOVE. After all, the biggest regret in life is waking up saying, "what if..."