If you ask a person about their citizenship and they say, "I had been a student in Memphis Tennessee for a short time" where in that statement did they say, "I am an American citizen?" If border officials "apparently thought the person was falsely claiming to be an American citizen," is that misinterpretation of intent on the person or the border officials? 

You have made a life in the United States. Your spouse is a part of the United Stated Military and they have fought for our freedoms every single day and now that very same country is forcing you out. What is your natural reaction? Honestly, we can only imagine what families like this are going through. With every story headline we see and the ones that don't even make the news, the thought of these separations are sickening. And, for some reason, we still cannot wrap our heads around the fact that this is happening to people, every single day. 

I do not agree with coming into any country illegally. However, if you have done everything in your power to live right, your family is military (and we all know that is an unimaginably stressful lifestyle as it is) knowing your spouse could have lost their life at any given moment fighting for this country and then to be face with deportation,THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE is a huge slap in the face for this family. 

While there are harden criminals running around, gang members making communities unbearable to live in by flooding the streets with violence and drugs, and constant threats of terrorist attacks from other countries, the United States government finds it most beneficial to spend tax dollars on useless manhunts and deportations. They have become so engulfed with running around chasing down innocent individuals, separating families and somehow still manage to go home at night and sleep peacefully as if they have just won a huge battle. How about we take some of that manpower and figure out why Flint Michigan still has NO CLEAN water!? How about we use those resources and train officers to do better when policing communities so that innocent lives are not taken day in and day out because an officer yells, " I was fearing for my life." How about we use those resources and ensure that each child in foster care is matched with a nurturing and loving family. How about we take those dollars and ensure that not one more child is sent to prison for something that can be resolved with community resources. 

Where there is NO JUSTICE there will surely be NO PEACE. America is in a serious state of moral depletion and if we don't soon realize that the lives affected run deeper than one person and one family, America itself is doomed and we will never be able to fully succeed at anything we try to accomplish as a nation. 

God is watching!

This blog is inspired by the story of Alejandra and Temo Juarez. Alejandra is the wife of United States Marine Veteran, Temo Juarez and mother of two who has been in the USA for 20 years. She has chosen to self deport and is heading back to Mexico today, rather than being detained and then ultimately deported.

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