*Confession is good for the soul.

I woke up with a burning sensation in my heart. The voice was so clear. And my actions must be 10xs greater.

How it all started:
My plan was 2 kids by age 25 and my own business by age 40. I did not factor in legacy building and how to teach my kids to be bosses instead of workers. I figured they would just get it naturally. 🤔

Where did I go wrong:
I have failed my children. Yes, we are okay- but we are supposed to be GREAT. No one told me to plan for my children's future. No one told me to start a business early. No one told me to invest in more than a 401k plan and let my money work for me. By the time I learned this, my kids were well into adulthood. Do I feel guilty now, HELL YES! Why!?

Instead, of knowing the rules of money, I was told to work- work- work and be the BEST employee I could be. Go to school and get a degree.
After it was all said and done, I reached the high positions, worked night and day, missed out on family time and what do I have to show for it!?

Reality is:
I have over 50 thousand dollars in student loan *debt*, two kids in college working their asses off to make it in this world, and I'm seeing that same cycle I lived all those years ago about to be replayed before my eyes...

Not on my watch! I refuse to sit back and watch my babies struggle (no matter how old they get, they will always be my babies). I hate the thought of them going to work being good enough to get paid what the boss wants to pay- when they are GREAT enough to receive what they are worth!

I tell myself that I'm done trying to save the world. I have to save my own first! But the reality is, my children live in this world and they are the next generation. We as parents need to step up and TEACH our children about the power of Entrepreneurship. Even if you don't believe in it, do your child a favor, do not let your biases influence your decision. Do the research and don't just throw them out to wolves half informed.
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When you know better...
#mykidsareworthit #yourkidsareworthit #generationalblessings

When it's all said and done, if you commit to starting the conversations now, you will know you have done the best to ensure a stable future for your children later! 

Now What:
If you are still fortunate enough to have school aged children, start planning now by making family dinner a little more than screen free time. Let's talk about their future! 
A few simple questions can open the door to Entrepreneurial exploration. 
*Do you have any hobbies?
*What are they?
* Why do you enjoy doing that?
*Can you see yourself making money doing that as an adult? 

Try it and share your outcomes!