Will you let your child graduate with a 1.5 or less GPA? According to discussions in Portsmouth, it could very well happen! My children are better than below average, and I hope you feel your kids are too...  Let’s stand up parents and empower our kids to speak out about this ridiculous GPA standard.

Speak up, Speak out, Whatcha th?nk about that

information below from:

For the coming school year, the division's grading scale may look like others in South Hampton Roads, and the 2.0 grade-point average requirement to graduate may be dropped.

School leaders say the moves could help more students graduate and could give them a fairer shot in the competition for college admission. The proposals were discussed Saturday at a School Board retreat. Board members plan to vote on them later this month.

The changes would "align" the division's practices with other local school divisions, leaders said. In South Hampton Roads, most divisions will use a more generous grading scale than Portsmouth and none imposes a grade-point average requirement to graduate, Portsmouth officials said.

Portsmouth currently requires students achieve a score of 94- 100 to earn an A; 84-93 for a B; 74-83 for a C; 68-73 for a D; and anything below 68 merits an F. Currently, the division does not offer plus and minus grade options.

from the desk fo Michelle Nicole

Okay, so if my child graduates with a 1.5 or less GPA, am I really to expect him or her to be motivated and actually want to go to college? If they could not apply themselves in high school, nor be motivated enough by staff to at least perform at C level, then how much more can we, as adults, as parents expect them to do when they are out in the real world. "fairer shot for college admission", really, I find that hard to believe. With minimum education they will land a dead end job, become frustrated with life and turn to drugs, alcohol and risky activities. If we stand by and let this take place, are we any better than the people who are setting these rules?  I understand that all people are not college material, and I have also heard that it is better to push the kids through that don't want to learn, so the one who do can benefit. I believe every child wants to learn, its how they are being taught, that will determine the amount of effort they put into their work. Everyone has a learning style all their own. There can not be one style of teaching if you plan on reaching more that one.  Parents, talk to your children, ask them how they feel, and I promise you the answer will be different. Our kids want to learn, and it is up to us to make sure they get what they need through the educational system to assit them in becoming productive adults in the future.