We were driving the other day and saw the sign from the highway. This Is It! With full excitement, we get off and make our way to this place. We pull into the parking lot and I see these gorgeous lion statues. I love lions, so I was immediately intrigued. This building is larger than I have been accustom to seeing for a soul food spot, and I'll admit, I was a little intimidated by the food selection. Here's the problem. I am currently working on a vegetarian lifestyle. When I walked in, all I see is some good ole, southern styled cooking, from what appeared to be a mile long hot buffet style line, steam coming off the food and all I could do was think about how many times I would have to come here to try everything on the menu. To be honest, my brain did not know what to do! 

Keeping in line with my oh so recent lifestyle choice, I ordered the catfish nuggets! Can't go wrong with fish, right!? 

Now, I don't know where you come from. But, where I come from, Catfish nuggets are little pieces of fish, usually cut small enough to kill a craving but never enough to have left overs. When the food came out, I thought they were coming to the wrong table. There was a heaping, and I repeat, a heaping of fish on the plate. Hello! I like this place already. The first bite is where it all started. This fish is made fresh to order, and believe me, it is worth the wait. The seasoning was perfect. Now, I have had some good fish in my lifetime, but this fish right here...This was absolutely in the top three of my top five list. 


Oh! But wait, it gets better. The macaroni and cheese! Lets just say I am usually never lost for words but between this and the sweet potato casserole!!!! I was instantly taken back to a time in life when I thought I died and went to heaven. Amazing! The heavens opened up and the angels came dancing around my table when I took the first bite. 

The beauty of it all is, I ate off that one plate for three meals. Seriously, I had so much food that I took a full container home. I was able to eat from that container two more times. Now, let me be clear, you may not eat like me, so I won't say everyone will have three servings, but what I will say is that I am not shy when it comes to eating, and if I could stretch that one meal three times, and not on purpose... Absolutely worth the drive and cost! 

Don't take my word for it- Check it out for yourself! Tell 'em Michelle Nicole sent ya! 

Now, as always, here is my challenge for you. Do you have an amazing fish recipe you would like to share? Don't be shy, drop those pictures in the comments section! 

This is it! BBQ
2853 Panola Road
Lithonia, GA 30058

Happy Eating! 
Michelle Nicole