Hi Friends, 

I wanted this blog entry to be filled with love and hope for those who may be down and out this season. First things first. Did you know that someone, somewhere loves you deeply and wants nothing but the best for you? Well if you did not know that, now you do! 

On to some better news. In an effort to ensure that all people can enjoy this season whether they are surrounded by family and friends, incarcerated, or homeless- I'd like to challenge all of my readers to do one simple thing this year. What is the simple thing you may ask? Well, I am so happy you did! Put on your visionary cap and imagine this; You are making your thanksgiving meal. You are preparing for your visits and feeling pretty good about your life right now. You take 5 minutes to think of someone else, what they may be going through and how they are feeling. You find five (5) to go containers, paper plates and aluminum foil or whatever you have to store food in. You fill those plates with the love you have created for your family and friends. As you bless your meal and give thanks for all you have, you also say a special prayer for those who will receive those five (5) plates. You and the family find those five individuals, ask them if you can share a meal with them, and if they accept, leave the plates with them. If you are as brave as me, consider sharing a hug or warm handshake. You never know how far a kind gesture can take you! 

Allow this season to be more than just food and fellowship. Lets begin a cycle of real change in our communities. Lets go back to adding value to peoples lives. And lets not forget, some of us may be one check away from needing help too. 
"In everything you do, always be Prayerful, Positive and Productive!"

Feel free to share your holiday pics below and lets show the world that we do CARE about each other. Not just today, but everyday. 
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