It saddens my heart to know how many kids have been and are currently affected by bullying. Some have done things I could not imagine doing at that age because they were forced.  And now that bullying is becoming all so real to me, I can't sit back and request change, without hitting the pavement to bring about change. 

The “No more Bullying” campaign is an effort to get every school to stand up, take the blind folds off, and realize that YES, your school is infected too!

The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem:

Have you been a victim of bullying?

Do you fear your child is being bullied?

Do you want to see bullying decrease?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then join the movement!

The second step to recovery is acceptance:

Focus groups- to find out what others have to say

 Workshops- Community education and awareness

Support groups- to creatively help express your feelings through the arts.

Reality is:

As a society that was built on bullying, fear, intimidation, and violence- we need to change the climate of our culture so our leaders of the future may prosper.



*Michelle Nicole*

Advocate for the silent witness