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Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program

August 14, 2012

Today there are more and more young people falling in love. As adults, we call it puppy love. As a teen, they call it their life. When teens decide to date, they should be equipped with the tools that come along with it. Hitting, kicking, slapping, pushing, shoving, pulling hair, yelling, excessive texting, negative cyber post are just some of the signs of a potentially hazardous relationship. Want to learn more?? 

If you or someone you know has experienced any of the above, please speak up! We are here to help.

Love does not hurt!

to sign up for the Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program contact:


Trayvon Martin

March 27, 2012
This will be my last entry for the Trayvon Martin Case. I am disappointed that another young life had to be taken. The circumstances are unknown by us. The only three people that know what happened at that time is Trayvon, Mr. Zimmerman and God! At this point, all we can do is pray for the TRUTH to come out sooner than later. 

My concern is the fact that children are dying every day. We should not just come together when someone is killed, but we need to come together to keep these young peop...
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The shooting and death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin

March 23, 2012

Obama speaks, so does that make it any better? In my opinion- NO! We already know if you had a son, he would look like Trayvon. But at the end of the day, he was unjustifiably followed and in my opinion harrased by a community resident and that issue seems to be getting swept under the rug. President Obama, I have a son! It is a shame that in this day and age people are still judged by the color of their skin, the clothes they wear, and yeah- being in a neighborhood otherwise labeled "not for...

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No More Bullying Campaign

February 24, 2012


It saddens my heart to know how many kids have been and are currently affected by bullying. Some have done things I could not imagine doing at that age because they were forced.  And now that bullying is becoming all so real to me, I can't sit back and request change, without hitting the pavement to bring about change. 

The “No more Bullying” campaign is an effort to get every school to stand up, take the blind folds off, and realize that YES, your ...

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GPA's could drop below 2.0 to graduate

September 11, 2010

Will you let your child graduate with a 1.5 or less GPA? According to discussions in Portsmouth, it could very well happen! My children are better than below average, and I hope you feel your kids are too...  Let’s stand up parents and empower our kids to speak out about this ridiculous GPA standard.

Speak up, Speak out, Whatcha th?nk about that

information below from:

For the coming school year, the division's grading scale ma...

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conversation piece for the week! Promises

July 14, 2010
There are 8,910 promises in the bible.

7,706 in the old testemant,
1,204 in the new testemant.
7,485 made by God to man,
1,416 made to God by man,
9 from satan....

Now with that being said, who will you trust? why? YES people we talk about it all so get ready!

"whatcha th?ink about that"?

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June 28, 2010
 purpose and goal:

The purpose is to create a following of dedicated believers, willing to take a stand and be a voice for their community!

Our goal is to reach a multitude of people, young and old, to broaden their spectrum and views on everyday topics, while engaging the community in meaningful conversation!

This is an interactive blog where YOU the people, get to discuss areas of interest and also respond to our monthly topics.

anyone can be apart of the movement, all we ask is that you:
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Michelle Nicole, HWC Respect Enthusiastic Visionary Illuminating Valued Empowerment Purpose: To address issues, concerns and healthy debates about things that affect our community. Mission: To bring communities together with topics that all people can agree or agree to disagree on, while coming up with positive solutions to some of our communities biggest concerns. Additional content: Natural Health, Wellness and Beauty products. Our supporters: Vary from school age children to retirees. If you have topics you would like to see discussed or to become apart of the movement contact:

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