Lets begin by defining what the state of the union means. The state of the union, as defined by the dictionary is an annual message delivered to congress by the president of the United States, in which he describes the conditions of the country, outlines its nations's most serious problems, and proposes his annual program and legislation. 

Now that we all understand what the purpose of the speech is, lets get right to it. I will be the first to say that I was no fan of Trump. However, I am a business woman and when it makes sense it just makes sense. President Trump may not be a politician, and he certainly does not handle things like a true politician would and that could very well be the thing this country has been missing all these years.  

Of course we all know he goes off on his twitter rants more often that the leader of the United States should. However, the state of the union showed me a very different Trump. The man that stood up on that podium and shared his message was not the person I was used to seeing. At some point in life we all have to take a huge step back, look in the mirror and begin to reevaluate how we do things. I believe that Trump is finally at that point in his presidency that the need to prove himself as presidential is over. I saw a man that had a clear vision to a better society. I saw a man that was willing to ensure all people have a fighting chance in these United States. 

And of course the elephant in the room, which struck a nerve in my own household as we debated about the true plan of the wall, clearly showed that social media has us so brainwashed that we would dismiss anything someone says when they have been branded as incompetent. So many people are against the wall for whatever reason, but what I heard was the wall was needed to fight against "Gang members" "Cartels" "Human Trafficking" "Entry of Illegal Immigrants." What I did not hear was the wall was needed "to keep Mexicans out of the country." If you are a person that falls within these categories then yes you should be worried. If you are not, then why get so defensive? Sometimes, we as black people feel so left out of everything that we want to be included so bad that we throw ourselves into situations that have nothing to do with us. To assume this round up means "he is coming for black folks too", is ridiculous. I try to ensure that I do not surround myself with people who commit crimes or live unsavory lifestyles, because there is only two places those actions get us. Jail or death. Clearly my feelings on this topic will be very different from most but its always a debatable topic nonetheless. 

As we grow and change in life, the things we support tend to grow and change as well. 10 or 15 years ago I may have felt very differently than I do now because I had small children, I worked in the non-profit world, I interacted with people from all walks of life and I was always interested in "helping those who could not help themselves." 
The climate of our communities have changed since then. We are quick to throw people under the bus, not lend a helping hand to anyone because we never know who is scamming us, and leaving your kids with people has all but become impossible. There is a huge lack of LOVE and COMPASSION for our fellow man. Racism is roaring its ugly head once again. We have to be careful how we talk to each other because everyone is so sensitive and easily offended. It's almost impossible for educators to teach a class because children  are so disruptive and violent nowadays. If you dare speak about their behavior you may lose your job. The best thing administration can see to do is refer them for medication, which in essence causes more damage than good. So, to combat those negative behaviors, uniformed officers are placed in schools and they oftentimes supersede school personnel and can drag your child straight to jail if they are deemed a danger to the people around them. Your tax dollars do an amazing job at funding the school to prison pipeline and you don't even realize it. Last but certainly not least finding a quality job that offers full time hours, competitive wages and benefits is becoming extinct. 

So, when a president has the opportunity to address some of the nations biggest issues like health care, wages, job growth, and criminal justice reform, we may want to take a look at those issues. Instead of pointing a finger at one person who really does not have the power to make change alone, be sure to hold your local leaders just as accountable for change as we are expecting the POTUS to uphold. It is time to take LARGE steps in our own communities to help bring about change. Some communities have had the same people in office (city council, school board, mayors) for decades and wonder why they see no improvements. When you have no new ideas, no new focal points, no new leadership, why on earth would you expect to see change?  

No matter who is in office, we all have a responsibility to work with one another on a local level. The government does not control how HUMANE we are. Only we can control that. The internet should not be our sounding board. Your beliefs and opinions should not be swayed by any one person. Instead, YOU should be man and woman enough to STAND for what you believe in. If you see bull, call bull. Don't just run with the majority and continue to post and re-post what you see and hear on social media. Do your research. Know the facts. Seek change in your community and then, just maybe, we will begin to see change in our country.