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The Black Agenda

Posted by Michelle Nicole ~ ThePeoplezWriter on Thursday, June 21, 2018, In : Community 
Yes, Black Lives Matter. Yes, Blacks are not treated equally. Yes, Black children are separated from their families daily. And Yes, it appears that nobody cares.

Would you like to know why the so called black power movement continues to throw Black issues at the forefront of every debate that hits the news? In my opinion, it's because they get a hard on from drama. Any time a person of any race can not see past their own pain long enough to feel the pain of someone else, that person is insp...
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conversation piece for the week! Promises

Posted by Michelle Hollins on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, In : Spiritual knowledge 
There are 8,910 promises in the bible.

7,706 in the old testemant,
1,204 in the new testemant.
7,485 made by God to man,
1,416 made to God by man,
9 from satan....

Now with that being said, who will you trust? why? YES people we talk about it all so get ready!

"whatcha th?ink about that"?

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