Yes, Black Lives Matter. Yes, Blacks are not treated equally. Yes, Black children are separated from their families daily. And Yes, it appears that nobody cares.

Would you like to know why the so called black power movement continues to throw Black issues at the forefront of every debate that hits the news? In my opinion, it's because they get a hard on from drama. Any time a person of any race can not see past their own pain long enough to feel the pain of someone else, that person is inspired by drama.

I grew up in a home of violence. No one told me violence was wrong. However, as I got older, met new people and paid close attention to how the world outside of my circle conducted themselves, I realized effective communication was the key. Not hitting, slapping, punching, yelling, throwing shit and belittling people. Violence is a learned behavior. The same amount of time it has taken you to become numb to the issues around you, will take that much more time to improve the issues around you. But, the issues will not be resolved if we do not at least attempt to make the first move. 

The problem with the Black Agenda is the inability to move forward. If we continue to hold on to a negative past praying for a positive future, we will all lose our minds. If we spend more time educating ourselves, just like our ancestors did, and stop jumping on every social bandwagon that feels good and evokes anger at the moment, we may get a little further in life as a people.

As I stated before, Malcom X spoke about the cruel and inhumane manner in which the police treat black people. Yet, today in 2018, nothing has changed. We have gone from being whipped until our skin was falling off. Being assaulted and raped in front of others. Having water hoses blow us down the street. Being attacked by dogs. Locked up for speaking our truth and wanting to be considered equal. Getting tied to train tracks in the middle of the night. Being shot because of our skin color.

Is it me, or does it seem like the pattern of violence has always been evident? We are not seeing violence for the first time. Our families are not being separated for the first time. We are not screaming black lives matter for the first time. This is a GENERATIONAL CURSE.

Can you sit back and think about one SUCCESSFUL approach black people used throughout history to resolve disputes that brought about positive change, even if it meant peace for a short while?

I will share this thought with you and then I will leave you to decide. When black people can sincerely come together, and not for a funeral or family reunion, but for everyday interaction to deal with each other peacefully and resolve the issues WE have with one another before we try to resolve the issues others have with us, then and only then will this so called Black Agenda make sense.

My people, you cannot fight for EQUALITY when we don't even have UNITY! How many of your people own a business? Yet, how many times will you walk past them and head to the other man for your products and services? Black business owners, how many of you truly operate your business with integrity? How many family members need jobs and you know there is an opening at yours, but you wont even help them get their toe in the door? How many friends are struggling with an addiction and instead of helping them you blast them on social media?

The reason we will always revert back to the slavery mentality of blacks being three-fifths of a person is because we know deep down inside that we treat EACH OTHER worst than we treat anyone else. We continue the negative stigma but are quick to blame everyone else for our struggles. For once, I would love to see someone highlight the beauty in black people. Change starts from within. It's nice to sell this pipe dream of having our own communities, yes, because that is going to solve every problem the "man" has with us right?
Don't make me laugh. NO! We will never have our own communities because we refuse to live in complete unity.

We must first conquer that task. Put down the flags. Put down the guns. Put down the drugs. Have a conversation. I mean a real dialogue with one another. Find out how we can work together instead of scheming on one another. Honestly, why should anyone else care about us if we do not care about ourselves. There has never really been a day when all black people watched out for each other. But the beauty of that is, there is still a day when all black people can look out for each other.
Are you willing to try to build unity or do you want to stay on the bandwagon of community?