The Sting

 Read "The Sting"? Send us your comments and you could see it here. 

 Hey Michelle your book was awsome thank you!

                       "Aishah- Louisiana"

Okay so let's be clear !...I have THE dopest auntie EVER ! This book is called The Sting by Michelle Nicole ( Michelle XlikeMalcom A.K.A my auntie ) ! It's so good I had to read it TWICE ! If you haven't read it you MUST go get it TODAY !!!!!

               "Shaila- Atlanta"  

Lunch time reading. This book is good. Can't wait to checkout more books by Michelle XlikeMalcom or should I say Michele Nicole. Uggg.. Shaking my fist.. I need part 2

             SapphireBlue Reviews - review coming soon. 


Ok, So this is what I get for being a fast reader because I want more...I love it can't wait for part 2.
               "Hakima- Atlanta"

  Good Morning Ms. Nicole,
Well I got my novel and man I was quit surprise about it's content. I was able to read it in peace, with no one around me and I can't wait until you complete the rest. I want you to know that I truly enjoyed how you were able to put it all in and kept you wondering about what was to come next. Keep up the work that God have given you and never give up.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to read your novel.
            "Cynthia - Newport News"


I just got my copy of your book- 3:02 am and I am up reading it! Interseting

            "Steph- New Jersey"

I am not a reader, so don't go by me. But, I was waiting to hear about what happened with the girls during the spa- you just left me hanging!                                                                                                                             

        "Rae- Southside"


 What's Up? 

Check out my friend, Ms. Michelle Nicole, and find out about her other written works. I got my copy of her latest book - "The Sting".  Easy read - finished it in one sitting.  Interesting storyline. Uniquely written and what a cliff hanger ending  - LOL.  
                            Holla  - Ray B. - Norfolk


The Sting
Author Michelle Nicole - Rating: 4 ½ Sapphires out of 5
Stacey Melroe is a petite beautiful career woman. Something is going on with Stacey and we can’t really figure it out yet. She is a legal assistant for a law firm, has been given an important assignment. Something is fishy about this assignment and her person of interest. Sometimes your past comes to haunt you and sometimes it catches up. Enter Stacy’s world. Can one person really change who you are?
The Sting will take you for a twist and keep you guessing. This is a cliff-hanger so we still don’t know the true meaning of the sting yet. We need Author Michelle Nicole to get back to writing. Enjoy this cliff-hanger

And So It Goes...

The transformation begins. Her glass of Moscato, which she usually sips after a hard day at the office, coupled with the soothing sounds of jazz music, were being replaced with Exclusive Vodka which tickled going down and Sour Mary Jane that left her at times two levels above mellow. Out with the old, and in with the new, was her motto.

It appeared that a new sheriff was in town. Attitude began to take the place of sultry gestures. Screaming I am woman, watch me work!

Nine-West, Prada, and NY & Co. were now being replaced by Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat, and Darion. Those business suits and hills were making way for skinny jeans and stomp a mud hole in ya stilettos. Her B. Makowsky bags was holding on by a thread.

Can one man make one woman do things that she knows deep down inside is wrong? Manipulation is a terrible thing. It can make one really good person fall victim to one really bad act. This can be simply stated as random moments of insanity. In the end, the really good person is the one who pays for the sins of both. When you have a weak minded person and a strong minded person, someone is bound to get hurt.  Stacey is no exception to the rule. She put herself in a situation that could have been avoided if she would have just followed the path God had for her.

The choices that Stacey made would lead any sane person to believe that she was tired of the good life. Boredom struck when she continuously found herself waking up in the morning feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep.  Something about low volume music, candle light dinners, cuddling up with her man on the couch enjoying a good movie was no longer the life she wanted to live. When her brain had a momentary freeze, she decided that she would venture out into the world and look for something more, something better, something fulfilling. The only thing she did not add to the equation was a crazy person being on the other side of the road just waiting for someone like her to come around. In this life, there are always vultures waiting to pounce on the weak. 

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