Food for thought



Thought for this day-
Never let yourself feel inferior to others. God is the author and the finisher of your faith.
In all things, hold on to your faith. Trust in God and he will bring your peace, abundantly. The enemy has no control over your mind, body, or soul. He will come up will all kinds of tricks to make you believe you are a failure. Never give up. Never give in. 

Is God as important to you as you are to him? Put your agenda to the side and realize that life is bigger than what you see. Life is greater than you and me. God has a plan for each for us. And it is time for us to step up.
Don't waste today focusing on yesterday. Lift your head up, pray, listen for Gods response and then apply it.


Satan reminds us of our dark past, to try and keep us from our positive future. - Rev. Dr. James A Jones Galilee Baptist Church

 As I reflect on a Pastor's sermon on the first Sunday of the new year, I come to realize that Satan is the biggest blocker ever. The enemy knows your desires just as God does. But, the enemy will feed off of your fear of failure while God will feed you courage to endure....
No longer will I be weak. I am the head and not the tail. I will not be ashamed of my past, it's the reason I am here today. I am a conqueror. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Look that devil in the face and say- "Look at me now"!
Encourage yourself and someone else today.

 xoxo Michelle


When those spots start showing, don't blink, they are very real. People will use you until they can't use you anymore. Do not let that stop you from being a caring and supportive person. I have found that when I'm called upon I usually respond favorably, but when I'm in need the same is not returned. It used to make me bitter but now it makes me better. God knew I could handle it that's why he allowed me to answer the call.

In all you do today, remember one thing. Treat people the way you would like to be treated, not the way they treat you.



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