More SCHOOLS and less JAILS for the future

To Whom It May Concern:




Do you have a passion to see your community thrive? Join the movement as we strive to aide and assist youth in grades 2 and 3 reach their fullest educational potential. The assistance would be in the capacity of tutoring with a concentration in increasing literacy. When I read the newspaper or hear stories on the news about schools being closed while more jails are being built it makes me uneasy. If our children are being faced with overcrowded classrooms and limited resources, we indeed are doing them an injustice. I would be remiss if I sat back and did nothing. This is my call to service!


The kids are there and seeking help; will you be there to answer the call? If you or someone you know has a passion to help others, loves learning as well as teaching, and believes that every child has the capacity to learn and become successful, contact me. These children are our future. If they had to take over tomorrow would you be satisfied with the outcomes?


The outcomes from this program will truly reveal happy, successful students who never imagined learning would be fun and easy with the additional support of caring peers and adults. My goal is to get these students to think about their future and visualize success not incarceration.


We want ALL 3rd grade students that participate in this program to read on or above grade level and ALL 2nd grade students to be adequately prepared for the 3rd grade! We need your help for this to be successful.  


If you are ready to take the next step, please complete and return the attached form to



Very truly, 



Michelle Nicole

Artist, Advocate

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